2015.04.02 10:16

Summary "Christianitas" 58/2014

The main theme of “Christianitas” no. 58/2014 is education. In this thematic section you will find: a cross-sectional interview with Artur Górecki, Ph.D. – a director of St. Benedict College; an article by Antonina Karpowicz-Zbińkowska on the role of music within educational process; a draft by Górecki on principles and history of Jesuit “Ratio Studiorum”; an interview with Michał Chaberek O.P., Ph.D., on educational disputes about teaching evolution and creation in schools; a treatise by Górecki on responsibility of the State, the Church and the family for the educational process; as well as an interview with Michał Pełka and Tomasz Warowny, Scouts of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, on the need to complement formation within families. Additionally, the “Authors” section contains an essay by Jean Madiran on relations between doctrine and prudence; an excerpt from book by Etienne Gilson on Catholic educational system; and a small draft by Erik Peterson on Jesus Christ.

The „Studies” sections consists of two articles: a second part of Christine Mohrmann’s book on liturgical Latin and a treatise by Paweł Grad on tradition and time.

Question of spirituality is covered in this issue by further chapters from the books by Cecile Bruyere O.S.B. and Augustin Savation O.S.B.

The „Sketches” sections contains the following articles: by Tomasz Dekert on preparation to marriage according to the encyclical “Casti Connubii”; by Piotr Chrzanowski on the missal of John Paul II; by Elżbieta Wiater on Newspeak within the Church; by Paweł Beyga on the role of the Scripture in the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite; and by Fr. Jarosław Tomaszewski on the Oxford Movement and the question of Catholic credibility.

This issue contains also three hypertexts: Krzysztof Rek comprehensively analyzes the works by Szczepan Twardoch; Antonina Karpowicz-Zbińkowska reviews the concert of early music ensemble “Jerycho” and the artistic output of the vocal ensemble “Graindelavoix”.

„Christianitas” no. 58 ends with two glosses: Tomasz Rowiński supplements his sketch “The Adapted Theologies of Liberalism” from the previous issue, writing about the liberals’ secular approach to mercy; and Paweł Grad replies to Piotr Feliga in the debate on the hermeneutics of the Second Vatican Council.